What is GolfJet?

GolfJet is a premium golf accessories brand designed and engineered in Australia for the discerning golfer. Featuring tour level technology, exclusive and bespoke designs, and an innovative world first online store platform, GolfJet appeals to the executive, premium minded golfer searching for their next level in performance and an edge over the competition. Plus, GolfJet is the only golf company to connect all customers with an innovative golf scoring, social and game improvement smartphone app.

GolfJet products are available for single purchase, referred to as a guest purchase, or as a convenient monthly subscription, referred to as a membership.

To become a GolfJet is to be your best, achieve your goals and truly get the most out of the game you love. Or as we like to say, to play like a pro.

This FAQ explains the different purchasing options, benefits, inclusions and answers to commonly asked questions.

What do I get with my membership?

With a GolfJet membership you receive everything you require to play like a pro – monthly delivered to your door.

We call the package a JetPack – aptly named as it contains our acclaimed JET series golf balls.

You can customize your JetPack to include either the Jet4 or Jet3 golf ball – configured as 9 or 12 balls – a set of our exclusive custom blade tees, a handcrafted supersoft cabretta leather AirGrip glove, golden ball marker and access to the GolfJet Connect App.

Plus, on signup, we will send you a GolfJet Cap, Microfibre Towel and a second matching JetPack to keep as a backup in case you ever run low on gear.

Is a membership a contract?

By purchasing a GolfJet membership you are not locked in.

You can flex up, down, suspend or even cancel your membership at any time.

So you get all the convenience of the GolfJet platform without that locked in feeling.

Can anybody sign up?

Yes. If you want to play like a pro, then become a GolfJet today!

Where do you ship to?

GolfJet ship worldwide to over 100 countries.

Where are your products made?

GolfJet is truly a worldwide company. Our manufacturing facilities & suppliers span Europe, Asia and Canada. All products are hand prepared in Australia by our meticilous


The GolfJet membership is fantastic value. How do you do it?

Quality and value are GolfJet’s core values. Our team work tirelessly to manufacture the best quality golf products and ship them to you direct – cutting out the middle man. This methodology ensures we can keep our operating costs low and pass savings onto our valued customers – and maintain the highest level of quality – no compromises.

A membership enables me to have new golf products delivered monthly. Why do I need this?

Today’s premium tour golf balls used by over 85% of pro’s have a super soft cover, designed for maximum feel and control.

Professional golfers change balls every hole to ensure elite performance as the cover is easily damaged and can affect spin and putting accuracy.

As golfers we often compromise and select harder, more durable golf balls in an effort to save money and reduce buying frequency. However, this is directly affecting the performance of our game!

GolfJet was created to empower our customers to play like the pros, without the cost. We provide premium tour level golf products, plus matching innovative digital services, at a price point that’s accessible to everyone.

What’s in the JetPack?

As a GolfJet member, you’re joining an exclusive club.

Your personalised monthly JetPack – aptly named as it contains our acclaimed JET series golf balls – is created by you, for you, and delivered monthly as you need it.

You can customise your JetPack to include either the JET4 or JET3 golf ball – configured as 9 or 12 balls – a set of our exclusive custom blade tees, a handcrafted super soft cabretta leather AirGrip glove, ball marker and access to the GolfJet Connect App.

Plus, on signup, we will send you a GolfJet Cap, MicroFibre Towel and a second matching JetPack to keep as a backup in case you ever run low on gear.



I just signed up for a Membership, how can I change my plan?

The best thing about a GolfJet membership is that it’s as flexible as you are.

You can flex up/ down or suspend* your membership at any time without cancellation fees.

Just Login to golfjet.com click on My Account and follow the prompts.

Remember we deliver to you monthly, so if you change your settings in the delivery period the changes won’t take affect till the following month.

How many times can I skip my next delivery for my membership?

As many times as you like. There is no restriction. The membership is designed to be convenient and will be waiting for you to reactivate it when you’re ready.

How can I change my personal details?

Just Login to golfjet.com and click on My Account.

You can change credit card details, shipping address, AirGrip glove specifications and so on.

I want to sign up for a membership, what’s a provisional JetPack?

As part of your membership sign-up fee, we’ll match your JetPack purchase with a second identical box we call a provisional JetPack.

ALWAYS carry at least one provisional JetPack as a backup in your golf bag. You never know when the course will get the better of you or you play with that friend who always borrows your gear!



When can I expect my first shipment?

Within a week of your order confirmation. Capital cities will be faster. All orders are meticulously prepared by the GolfJet team in Melbourne, Australia.

If you have purchased a membership, deliveries will be made according your latest preferences on a monthly anniversary from your original signup date.

I’m a member and need a JetPack shipped outside my delivery cycle?

We recommend members to flex up their orders such that they always have at least one provisional JetPack as a backup in their golf bag. You never know when the course will get the better of you or you play with that friend who always borrows your gear!

If you need to purchase out of cycle, you can by visiting the shop and purchase a Jetpack as you would a guest. Please note you will need to enter your preferences such as ball type, quantity, glove size and so on and shipping will also apply.



I want to purchase a JetPack, but don’t want to take up a membership?

You can purchase a JetPack from the shop and create a guest account on checkout. This entitles you to a free 30 day trial of the GolfJet Connect App and a chance to experience what all the fuss is about.

Signing up to a membership is all about upside – free delivery, full lifetime app access, sign-up bonuses, reward points, exclusive offers and more!

Why do I have to create a username and password?

When you purchase a GolfJet product, you must create an account to allow you to login to the GolfJet Connect App. All purchases from our store include access to the App.

I received a JetCash voucher, how can I use it?

When checking out in our shop, you will be able to enter your JetCash coupon code to apply the credit to your purchase

I want to gift an actual JetPack box, not a gift voucher.

Simply visit the shop and purchase a JetPack. We can ship it to you or direct to your gift recipient.


GolfJet Connect

Can I use the GolfJet Connect App?

You can use the GolfJet Connect app if you have a GolfJet account. An account is created when you purchase from the GolfJet store.

By purchasing a membership your account will grant you access to all GolfJet Connect features, lifetime free updates, reward points and more. Plus, you will enjoy an ad free experience.

If you purchase a product from GolfJet and you haven’t signed up for a membership, such as buying a single JetPack or JetCash voucher, you can still access the app with a 30 day full feature trial. This is called GUEST access.

I have downloaded the GolfJet Connect app from my app store and can’t login?

Refer “Can I use the GolfJet Connect App?”

Where can I download the GolfJet Connect app for my smartphone?



I don’t have an iPhone or Android Device. How can I access GolfJet Connect?

You can access it on your PC or mobile browser:


How can I download an app for my wearable?

GolfJet Connect currently supports Pebble integration. Click on the link below to download the app.


We are currently working on integration for the Apple iWatch and Samsung Gear. Stay tuned.

Can I share my feed on Facebook?

Sure! And we’ll reward you for sharing!

Share photos, scores and comments in your feed and push to Facebook to share with your friends.

What is My Dashboard?

The dashboard shows a summary of your recent scoring history.

What are Tour Members?

Tour members are other GolfJet customers who you can select to play as part of your regular schedule. By building a tour you can share scores, compare previous rounds and even compete with each other. Growing your tour is a great way to earn reward points.

What are Gallery Members?

GolfJet customers who wish to follow your golfing journey, but are not necessarily part of your tour, can become a gallery member and share in your experiences.

How does the GolfJet Connect GPS Range Finder work?

When you’re out on the course, you can always check the distance to the green (centre) from the scoring screen – the accuracy of the GPS distance changes dynamically as indicated by the red, yellow and green status. By selecting the GPS distance you can display a map of the current hole, allowing you to check more detail such as distance to hazards, or how far you hit that drive.

Does GolfJet Connect have courses outside Australia?

GolfJet Connect has over 28,000 courses worldwide.

So off to Mexico? Scotland? Or heading over to New Zealand. You’re sure to find a course to master.

Can’t find a course, press the “Add New Course and Play” button and you can take a photo of the scorecard and still log your round.  Once we add the course we will transfer the round you entered to the proper course.
We can usually add a course within 2 days.

There is a problem with the course data accuracy. Can you update it?

Golf Courses change pin position, tee boxes and other variables all the time. If you find our app is out of date, send us a photo of the scorecard or link to the course website and we will update it for you.

How many rounds does GolfJet Connect remember?

GolfJet Connect will keep a perpetual history of your journey. So don’t worry, play as much as you like!

I own or work for a golf course, can I update the information about my course?

Yes, send us feedback and we will enable you to update your course information directly.  You will be able to change the logo, background images, and much more.

Can I delete a round of golf?

Yes, you can delete a round of golf.

Mobile App:
1. View the details of the round.
2. Choose the “Edit” button in the top right of the round details.
3. In the edit screen, choose “Options” in the top right and then choose delete.

How can I earn reward points with GolfJet Connect?

There are many ways you can earn rewards using the GolfJet Connect App. Also, we are adding new ways all the time.

See below the current rewards you can earn.

# Reward Points One time reward Multiple time
Honours Back to back birdies 4 Y
Break 100 4 Y
Break 90 4 Y
Break 80 4 Y
Hole in One 20 Y
Eagle 16 Y
3 Par Streak 6 Y
4 Par Streak 8 Y
5 Par Streak 10 Y
6 Par Streak 12 Y
Bronze Putter 4 Y
Silver Putter 10 Y
Short Stuff 4 Y
Marksman 10 Y
Into the Wild 4 Y
Elevator skills 4 Y
Shutterbug 4 Y
Club Loyalist 4 Y
Vagabond 10 Y
Vagabond 25 10 Y
Vagabond 50 10 Y
Charter Member 10 Y
PRODUCT RELATED Refer a friend – purchase Membership 200 Y
Refer a friend – purchase Guest 200 Y
Refer a friend – Purchase other item 100 Y
Member Bonus 100 Y
PLAYING/SOCIAL Handicap Improvements 20 Y
Adding People to your tour 5 Y
Organise a round with others 5 Y
Play in someones organsied round 2 Y
Organise a League 20 Y
Play in someones organised League 10 Y


Can I change my GolfJet account settings within GolfJet Connect?

You can change selected settings in GolfJet Connect. Select Edit Profile to see the settings which can be changed within the app.

For all settings, Login to golfjet.com, Click on Login and visit the My Account Page to view all account settings.